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Industry Intelligent Decision-Making Products

Conduct automatic identification and judgement for complex business issues based on intelligent cognition. Combined with industry features, realize intelligent product system with automatic selection for business path.

  • DeepGovernor

    A system based on complicated decision-making model to conduct situational awareness, prediction analysis, analogue simulation, and countermeasure analysis. Also a global intelligent support system to make judgement before the event, take control during the event, and deliver feedback after the event for decision-making business.

  • DeepFinder

    An analysis system which realizes accurate study and judgement of clues and high efficient sharing by making comprehensive application of visualized analytical technology, scenario-based tactics model and collaborative platform.

  • DeepEditor

    By virtue of big data and AI technology, it is an intelligent system to realize the intelligent processing of planning, collection and editing of media contents, communication optimization, dead-zone free users tracking and insight, and quick response.

  • DeepCreator

    A marketing system featured by helping enterprises capture all key nodes of dynamic user journey and providing real-time intelligent decision-making. It adopts marketing closed-loop concept to elevate marketing conversion rate through self-optimization of evaluation results after user’s reachability.

  • PERCENT Data Sharing and Exchange System

    PERCENT data sharing and exchange system aims at integrating information resources, follows unified standards and norms, establishes an information resource integration mechanism, standardizes data collection and data service methods, provides complete data exchange and sharing technology capabilities, and further constructs a unified resource information integration and exchange mechanism.

  • The E-government System

    The e-government system adopts mobile, social and flat design concept to help governments achieve efficient internal communication, standardized procedure approval, reliable document management, quick information release and flexible daily management.

  • PERCENT DeepMatrix All-in-one Machine

    PERCENT DeepMatrix all-in-one machine is a hardware and software integrated device specifically designed for big data analysis and artificial intelligence applications. Hardware wise, DeepMatrix can provide high-density computing, storage and network capabilities, fully meeting the resource demand of application scenarios such as big data analysis, artificial intelligence training and reasoning, and graphic workstations. Software wise, DeepMatrix integrates cluster management system, container cloud platform, unified data platform and machine learning platform, providing standard environment and complete tools for big data and artificial intelligence applications, and supporting the rapid development, deployment and scheduling of big data and artificial intelligence applications.

Intelligent Cognition Products

Conduct automatic identification and judgement to analyze the business issues and help industry clients build basic intelligent cognitive ability through series of intelligent tools including dynamic knowledge graph, model workshop and smart text.

  • Intelligent Interactive Analysis

    PERCENT Intelligent Interactive Analysis System (PBI) takes “data analysis + intelligent decision-making” as the core concept, applies big data, neural networks, data visualization and artificial intelligence technologies to provide flexible, user-friendly, and efficient data visualization exploration and analysis capabilities, which can effectively work to find hidden value in mass data and enable data resources to support business, management and decision-making.

  • Personalized System

    Have a deep insight on user behavior and build user preference view to provide users with cross-screen, real-time and customized recommendation. Help users obtain products, information and service that suit their interests so as to effectively elevate key indicators including user activation, click rate and retention rate.

  • Modeling Workshop

    Supported by leading technologies such as probability statistics, machine learning and deep learning, and combine industry knowledge, build business model and knowledge projects which are deeply combined with business for various industries including media and publishing, manufacturing, government affairs, public security, and retailing.

  • Intelligent Text Analysis

    Focus on text-based natural language processing technology and meet the business needs of government and enterprise customers with one-stop for natural language processing by making use of rich data mining, machine learning, AI algorithm, and online and offline semantic models training.

  • Intelligent Tags

    Build physical profile of users, products and channels, and realize intelligent related products by virtue of BAIFENDIAN UTT model, advanced feature mining, and information visualization technologies. It fully integrates multi-contact and omni-channel data of enterprises to support upper-level data applications including intelligent recommendation and precision marketing.

  • Dynamic Knowledge Graph

    Gather massive information (data) of clients and fast build elastic and expandable knowledge (knowledge graph) products. It can build knowledge graph with quickness and real time, flexibility and expandability, intelligence and self-adaption.

Big Data Operating System

Process the internal and external multi-source, heterogeneous and complex massive data in real-time manner to build data asset management platform centered on data lifecycle management.